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Ejacu Rich is a completely natural formula developed by a pharmacist to help increase your testosterone levels and enhance your stamina and performance.

Our formula contains 3 vital groups of herbs and vitamins which work through 3 different mechanisms to help enhance your stamina and help restore erections.

The Icariin content in Horny Goat Weed is 20%, which is the highest in the extract and it work by inhibiting PDE-5 and that help to hold the blood inside the penis.

The herbal extracts of Ginkgo, Tongkat Ali, Catuaba, Terrestris and Yohimbe help to enhance your Testosterone and work as aphrodisiac.

Also, the amino acids like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline included in the formula work as Nitrous oxide precursors, and they help to develop a sustained firm erection too.

Finally, the vitamins and minerals in the formula are essential to energize your body to achieve the maximum performance.

Malerect also helps to achieve Maximum Semen volume through the daily use. Increase Semen Load to help Her Get More Contractions and Pleasure Due To Prostaglandins In Your Semen, and as your load increases, the pleasure too.

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